Sometimes you just need a second opinion.

An external contractor is offering a service you're unsure about. You have multiple software vendors and no clear right choice. You have doubts about your current development provider. You're not sure if you have the right candidate for a difficult technical position.


A Clear Path

Digital Contractor can give you the clear, unbiased advice you need to make the right technical decision for your business. We'll make it clear up front if we can offer the service to you - but even if we can, we'll be upfront if we're not the right choice. 

Contact us if you need help finding the right way forward.

[DCon is] my first recommendation for any IT concerns.
— Amanda VanDenBrock, Roaring Girl Records

Consulting SErvices

  • Software Proposal Review
  • IT Services Review
  • Cloud Deployment Roadmaps
  • Technical Roadmaps
  • IT Continuity Planning 
  • Capacity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Functionality Planning