Almost half of security breaches happen to small companies.

60 percent those companies will be out of business within 6 months.


Secure your Company

The days of ignoring security are over - your business needs proper tools to secure your infrastructure. Everything we build and every tool we implement for clients includes security - it’s baked-in, not bolted-on. We can help translate the jargon and find the right tools to lock your systems down.

Make Security part of your DNA

Small companies aren’t immune to security threats or the risks they entail. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed with options. We’ll help you make sense of what you need to be secure and rightsize your security footprint to your needs. Simple security tasks, policies and procedures, or more complex requirements and certifications, we can help you build a Security Program that fits your business.


Train Your Staff

A shocking amount of hacks are social - weak passwords, phishing attempts, unpatched systems.

We can make your team more aware, more resilient, and more prepared to fight back against both technical and social attack vectors.

There’s no such thing as removing all risk - but we can help you mitigate, minimize damage, and recover if something does happen. 

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