DCon offers end-to-end IT solutions founded on decades of experience in IT, including large-scale web infrastructure, enterprise networking, application development, and project management.

We've worked multi-million dollar enterprises and startups, bringing our clear, simple, and flexible IT solutions to bear on all manner of technical problems.

Founded in 2008 by Brad Marcoux, DCon works on a general contractor model, bringing our years of expertise to bear, and pulling in resources as needed for specific projects. You don't need an enterprise network admin or a crack iOS dev on salary, but we can bring ours on for your project. You get the best of the best - people and solutions.

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Digital Contractor is phenomenal! Working with Brad and his team of developers was a pure pleasure. They listened to every nuance of our vision and seamlessly translated into our website. When we were fussing over the details, they never wavered in their commitment to find a solution that worked for us. And the back end is awesome – we can now manage our website as easily as typing an email. Absolutely incredible. I could not be more happy with the work.
— William Dewson, William Dewson Architects